Authorship Agreement And Contribution Form

Cover letterA cover letter must be attached to all submissions. The cover letter should provide a brief explanation of why the manuscript should be considered for published in the Journal of Pediatrics and note additional information that could be useful to publishers. Below are a number of ways to link data to your article or provide a statement about the availability of your data when sending your manuscript. If you release data in any of these ways, you should quote the data in your manuscript and in your reference list. For more information on the data quote, see the « References » section. For more information on the filing, dissemination and use of research data and other relevant research documents, visit the co-research data page. Author Criteria Authors should carefully review the list and order of authors before submitting their manuscript and submit the final list of authors at the time of initial submission. Each author`s contributions must be included in the Authorship Agreement and in the contribution form that was put online at the first submission. If there are questions or doubts as to whether each person on the list meets the international Committee of Medical Journal Publishers` (ICMJE) paternity criteria « Recommendations regarding the behaviour, coverage, writing and publication of scientific work in medical journals, » we will ask the author for additional information and, if necessary, request additional information for each person`s work. All persons who meet the ICMJE authorship requirements should be added to the list of authors.

Individuals who participated in the study but did not meet the paternity requirements should be included in the « Recognition » section (for example, division head. B, « honour writer, » anyone who has provided technical or written assistance). All authors of a submitted manuscript must sign the author`s contract and contribution form stating that they are in compliance with ICMJE`s paternity recommendations and that they must accept the publication of the article and be included at the time of submission. If you are available, you can link your dataset directly to your article by providing relevant information in the transmission system. For more information, please visit the database`s interconnection page. For supported data repositories, a repository will automatically appear next to the article published on ScienceDirect. Manuscripts describing research on human subjects must indicate that the parents or legal guardians of the children who were the subject of the study have obtained informed written consent and, if applicable, the consent of the subjects themselves. The Journal of Pediatrics may request more detailed information on the safeguards applied and on informed consent procedures, in the event that publishers or evaluators question the relevance of human scrutiny with respect to the risk to subjects or means used to obtain informed consent. Copies of the minutes of the commissions that reviewed and approved the investigation may also be requested. Authors should verify compliance with the Portability and Accounting Health Act 1996 (HIPAA) prior to submission. Fine, M.

A. – Kurdek, L.A. (1993). A reflection on the determination of author credits and sequences of authors on the cooperation between the faculty and the student. American Psychologist, 48 (11), 1141-1147. Grobman, L. (2009). The student: (Re) The authority and the bargaining authority. College Composition and Communication, 61 (1), 175-196. Introductory pageThe first page should contain the full names of the authors and the highest university degrees. divisions and institutional affiliations of each author; Sources of financial assistance (see formatting of funding sources) or potential conflicts of interest, if applicable (see conflicts of interest/disclosure policy), and pre-presentation of study data in the form of