Cape Coral Police Collective Bargaining Agreement

« The police union is very pleased with the outcome of the negotiations, » said Sergeant Paul Blanchard, President of Cape Coral FOP Lodge 33. « Both sides are committed to making progress, and we commend municipal and union officials for their understanding of our needs and for their work on our goals. » On Tuesday, members of the Collective Agreements Unit voted to ratify the agreement, the terms of which would come into effect from October 1, 2018 (the union and the city did not have a contract after that date) and run until September 30, 2021. If they do not protect the citizens of Cape Coral, the police are donating their time and talent to support public relations events, including the annual back-to-school shopping tour, the 5K/walk race, the holiday shopping tour, prostate cancer awareness and famine assistance, to name a few. Yesterday, Cape Coral city officials voted unanimously in favour of a new three-year contract. The negotiations concluded on a positive note with evidence in the need to bring all positions in City Manager, John Szerlags` goal of the 75th percentile of wages to remain competitive with other cities. In addition, there will be a resolution authorizing the funding of an additional 0.25 per cent payroll for police and fire unions and unconventional employees effective October 1, 2018. A collective agreement between the city and members of the De IUPAT Local 2301 rate unit may be concluded. According to a statement from City Manager John Szerlag, the economic heart of the agreement is that wages will not exceed the permitted maximum of 3.25 percent per annum or the cumulative three-year amount of 10.07 percent. Wages would apply retroactively to October 1, 2018. Cape Coral City Council is expected to vote Monday on the approval and ratification of a contract between the city and the union representing its employees, the blue neck and surveillance units.

It is also expected that the Council will decide on an update of the rules and procedures for City Council meetings. Among the amendments is the ability of municipal councillors to participate in remote meetings if a member is ill or not in the city. It was a difficult negotiation. Just over a month ago, the city and the union declared a stalemate after three years of a 3% offer and the city wanted to add a fourth, which the union did not want and opposed the country`s statutes. In other areas of activity, the Council should also vote on the repeal of Resolution 5-05, which gave a decision on the need to create real estate for the creation of the festival park. The City Council will also discuss two issues it did not address last week. Union employees receive their increases (one step in their wage sector) during the first pay period after October 1, 2018, 2019 and 2020. « I am very satisfied with the negotiation of this contract. I think our staff and the Council have done a good job of making recommendations on the treaty, » said Jennifer Nelson, a member of the Council, who participated in her first contract: « It made both parties very happy.

The Cape Coral Police Department, a police service, is made up of a number of units, including patrols, investigations, transportation, K9, aviation, navy and others, has more than 250 sworn officers and serves more than 180,000 residents. FOP Local 33 is located at 1404 Del Prado Blvd. S, suite 145, à Cape Coral. Online: The Commission will also vote on changes to the city code to cover the protection of the goph turtle with the owl digging and to expedite the discipline process for licensed contractors in the event of an infringement, eliminating probable cause hearing before a case occurs before the Contractor Regulation Board.