Uni Sa Enterprise Agreement

The Enterprise Agreement and the guide to the new agreement can be accessed by clicking on the following symbols: The purpose of these FAQs is to provide managers/supervisors with instructions on the unsatisfactory performance management requirements of the Enterprise Agreement (EA) 2017 – 2021, point 8.1. Below are all the frequently asked questions about the University of Adelaide`s Enterprise Agreement (2017 – 2021). It is important that the agent`s benefits are regularly monitored and communicated with the agent for the duration of this contract, and that the fixed-term contract be a term (at least 2 to 3 years) that leaves sufficient time for this process. Managers are encouraged to contact their human resources advisor for benefit management assistance. First, and to make sure you start an appropriate process in agreement with the EA, contact your human resources advisor to discuss your concerns. In the event of uncertainty about the future of a certain type of work, this type of contract allows the employment of a temporary agent to be employed in a position that will only continue if the university still needs a job at the end of its temporary activity and if the officer has satisfactory results. If the university is no longer required at the expiry of the fixed-term contract, the contract ends with the process at point of the enterprise contract. A support person emotionally assists an employee during a process. they cannot attend a meeting as a lawyer and must not act or speak on behalf of the officer. A person of assistance may take notes on behalf of a staff member and act as his or her resonance, but his or her role does not extend.

If the employee has not met performance expectations, the position will not continue at the end of the term of the contract. To terminate the employment at the end of the contract, the head of the school (or an equivalent manager) must make a recommendation not to transform the job to the Executive Dean, who will check whether performance expectations have been communicated from time to time, have been reasonable and whether they have been met by the officer before making his final decision (paragraph This recommendation procedure should begin at least 3 months before the end of the contract, since the agent must receive a copy of a recommendation from the head of the school at least eight weeks before the expiry of his contract, in accordance with point of the enterprise contract. First, you will be transferred to the trial in the new role for an agreed period, i.e. no more than three months. An officer is entitled to a representative if he or she is to participate in a meeting as part of a process, in accordance with the following clauses of the enterprise agreement: redeployment is a process that allows permanent employees whose positions have been laid off to find another suitable position within the university.